Chrome extension development – After extension button is clicked

Concepts mentioned * mainefest file * browser action Two cases When extension button is clicked, two cases exist, depending on whether the “default_popup” option in manifest file is set or not. case 1: “default_popup” option is set If “default_popup” is pointed to a html file(e.g. popup.html), then this will be opened…

Influence of programming languages

A diagram showing the influence of languages since the Algo language(1958), most of the functional programming languages are excluded to make the diagram more compact.

Group projects in Bitbucket

I used to store small projects in private using Bitbucket. Recently I come to check whether repositories can be grouped in a container like thing, finally I found that currently the only way is to create a “project” in Bitbucket and put repo under that project, below are the steps: 1….